About us

Cornish Pasty

Our first shop opened in 1990 on the Harbour front of St Ives. Selling pasties, sandwiches and drinks to locals, visitors and the occasional seagull.

In 1993 the shop started baking pasties and sausage rolls on the premises, ensuring the customer enjoyed freshly baked treats. This was the eureka moment for the business as pasties started selling like, well.... hot cakes.

In 1995 a second shop was opened in the lovely Cornish seaside town of Looe and based on its success the roll out of the business started.

The business went international in 2005, opening our first shop in Cardiff.

By 2007 there were 15 shops stretching to Worcester and Poole, with three in St Ives and two in both Bath and Bristol.

In 2008 we linked forces with Hg Capital to help roll out the concept further afield and to develop the shop look and feel. Cornish Kitchen was born and now with 23 shops, from humble beginnings, our goal of serving fresh, quality, filling food to customers across the UK is coming true.