Served in a floured tortilla with fresh crisp salad, Greek yoghurt or
hummus & mature cheddar cheese with the following scrumptious fillings...

Peri Peri Chicken

Peri peri chicken, crispy smoked bacon, peri peri sauce
With avocado, pesto mayo & cheddar



Chicken & Bacon Club

Chicken breast, crispy bacon, mature cheddar cheese,
Barbeque sauce with fresh salad



Chorley’s Bad Boy

Cajun chicken, chorizo, sweet peppers, chorley’s peri peri
& garlic sauce with mature cheddar

Mississippi Chicken

Spicy southern fried chicken, sweet chilli dressing
With mayo & mature cheddar

West Country Porker

Succulent pulled pork, farmhouse stuffing balls, mature cheddar
With bakehouse barbeque sauce

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